Autori: Capogna S.


Tipologia Prodotto: Journal Article

DOI: 10.14658/pupj-ijse-2016-2-4

Titolo della Rivista: Italian Journal of Sociology of Education

Numero;Volume: 8, N 2

Numero prima e ultima pagina: 54 – 677

Codice ISSN/ISBN/ISMN: 2035-4983

Anno di Pubblicazione: 2016



The knowledge of the whole education system in testing and incorporating ICT in teaching practices is preliminary and fundamental to develop a new thinking on education. All over the world we assist to an important movement to “flip the system” towards a new humanistic and holistic approach interested in returning voice and dignity to teachers and learners in defining the educational mission of the future. In Italy, one of the most significant problems affecting the incorporation of old and new media in education practices, and the reflection regarding a critical evaluation, is given by the absence of a visionary approach at different educational levels, and the lack of empirical data about how the use of these tools in teaching practices would be revolutionary. The paper aims at providing a descriptive and interpretative reflection on the spread and the use of ICT in schools, through the voice of its main character, the teacher. The study is part of a larger working progress research, but here we focus only on the qualitative exploratory analysis based on in- depth interviews with the intent to get into the ‘black box’ of ICT in schools, exploring innovative and little known processes, and glimpse the emerging practices, that develop beneath the surface of apparent immobility.

Keywords: Flipped Classroom – ICT – Learning – School – Teachers

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