Autori: Stefania Capogna, Alessandro Figus, Stefano Mustica

Doi: 10.18775/ijied.1849-7551-7020.2015.43.2002

Titolo della rivista: International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development

Numero; Volume: volume 4

Contributo in rivista

Codice ISSN: 1849-7551

Anno di pubblicazione: 2018



The way in which digital technologies have transformed our everyday lives is before our eyes. Such technologies now appear to be physical and cognitive prostheses that give meaning and continuity to our daily work, radically redefining the times, the spaces and the ways of our daily living. These changes pose new challenges in training leaders able to lead the socio-economic changes. This process of general increase of complexity in our society is leading to the emergence of a new socio-economic and organizational model that we are not able to understand and govern yet, opening up scenarios of profound inequalities and new risks. We are in the middle of a crossroads of opposing tensions which do not find explanations in univocal interpretations but demand a collective effort to understand the renewed role which university can have in advanced modernity. What are the great challenges of the future? How can human development be pursued in the context of the changes and uncertainties that characterize our times? Trying to define the boundaries of this radical change is just the first step in an effort to understand today’s complexity.

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