Autori: G. Marinensi, B. Botte, S.Barca

Editore: WIPO

Tipologia Prodotto: Proceedings of: 12th WIPO Advisory Committee on Enforcement

Numero;Volume: 12

Numero prima e ultima pagina: 32 – 37

Anno di Pubblicazione: 2017



True Hunters is a “serious game” that aims to sensitize teenagers aged 14 to 16 to Intellectual Property (IP) and its related issues, highlighting the value of authentic and original products and showing counterfeiting and piracy risks in daily life. This particular target was chosen because in recent years the younger generation has been more exposed to the issues related to IP and counterfeiting because of an increase in their purchasing power and the wide use of the new communication technologies. The first episode of True Hunters is freely available online (, in both English and Italian language. Stakeholders (high school leaders and teachers) who are interested in using True Hunters can also find online the project handbook, an e-book which has the aim of facilitating the use of this serious game and its potential adaptation.

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