Autore/i: Danila Scarozza

Co-autore/i: A. Hinna, S. Scravaglieri, M. Trotta

Editore: Springer International Publishing

Tipologia Prodotto: Contributo in volume (pp. 51-70)

Titolo del Volume: Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society: Past, Present, and Future issues, Lecture Notes in Information systems and Organisations

Codice ISBN: 978-3-319-28906-9 (Print) – 978-3-319-28907-6 (Online)

Anno di Pubblicazione: 2016



Abstract: Beginning in 2009, the Italian legislation proposed a convergent action of “programming” “evaluation” and “transparency” to be applied to the administrative processes. Within this framework, the ICT emerges as a key element in order to put the Reform into practice supporting administrations both in measuring and evaluating performance, and in increasing transparency and accountability. In order to understand the expected effects of ICT use on these relevant aspects of the administrative activities and, more in general, to give an interpretation of the role of the ICT in the reform process, the paper presents the results of a content analysis of 198 documents produced by public organizations for whom the Reform was of immediate application.

Parole chiave (TAGs): ICT, Performance, Accountability, Transparency

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