Autori: Coviello Massimiliano

Editore: Edizioni Ca’ Foscari (Venezia)

Tipologia Prodotto: Monografia


Numero prima e ultima pagina: 1 – 151

Codice ISBN: 9788869690136

Anno di Pubblicazione: 2015



This volume examines the figures and the reports of the witness within contemporary cinema, with particular attention to the representation of the conflicts that took place between the end of the 20th century and the first decade of the new millennium. During this period, technological innovations have radically changed the military logistics, the fields and the ways of perceiving wars (from the Gulf War to those proclaimed against the terroristic threats which followed the Twin Towers’ attacks). Starting from the analysis of documentary – and fiction films, Testimoni di guerra highlights the strategies that allow the audiovisual report to create a new representation of the traumatic events. Thus, the report, free from the indexical relation between the technical equipment and the scene depicted, emerges as a changeable and problematic effect in unstable balance between the inscription of subjectivity and the erasure of its traces. Its effectiveness and social grip depend on these superimpositions: the objective narration of historical events coexists with the subjective report of the witness revealing the partiality of the documentation. Their attempts to overcome each other produce instability to the benefit of the memory, a social and cultural skill that requires access to both narration and images in order to make progress.

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