Autore/i: Danila Scarozza

Co-autore/i: A. Hinna, F. Rotundi

Editore: Routdledge – Taylor and Francis Group

Tipologia Prodotto: Articolo in rivista

Titolo della Rivista: International Journal of Public Administration

Numero: Vol. 41, No.2, pp. 110-128

Codice ISSN: 0190-0692 (Print) – 1532-4265 (Online)

Anno di Pubblicazione: 2018



Abstract: Though Risk Management (RM) entered the public sector, the way RM is introduced within organizations is not empirically explored. Analyzing the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) case study through the theoretical lens of institutional perspective, the paper responds to the call for more organizational studies of RM: nature and dynamics of RM are investigated, offering a valid contribution to the debate on practice of public management related to work practices and knowledge systems. The results show that RM is now embedded in ISTAT activities, processes, culture and individual behaviors, confirming the opportunity to improve both organizational performance and learning.

Parole chiave (TAGs): Italian case, management practices, public organization, risk management

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