Autore/i: Danila Scarozza

Co-autore/i: P. Previtali, S. Forte

Editore: Routledge

Tipologia Prodotto: Contributo in volume (pp. 73-93)

Titolo del Volume: Human Resource Management and Digitalization

Codice ISBN: 9780429425288

Anno di Pubblicazione: 2018


Abstract: Specifically, SW has the potential to offer a wide range of individuals an alternative to traditional work arrangements. SW succeeds in modifying traditional work conditions and their natural environment, searching different and (till now) not totally and uniquely defined solutions, essentially grounded on a greater discretion in work activities and on a larger responsibility towards results workers are requested to provide. These two elements together are indeed believed to favour better performances by workers and so to increase competitiveness (Haines, St-Onge, 2012; Wood et al., 2012) essential for enterprises’ survival and development (Chiaro et al., 2015). This connection explains the increasing interest for SW by the business world and by the consultancy, that offer support for the realization of projects in the field (Clapperton, Vanhoutte, 2014; Iacono, 2013; Hartog et al., 2015).

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