Autori: Stefano ARMENIA, Natalia CIOBANU, Michalina KULAKOWSKA, Glykeria MYROVALI, Jason PAPATHANASIOU, Alessandro POMPEI, Georgios TSAPLES, Loukas TSIRONIS

Editore: ICEBE

Tipologia Prodotto: Contributo in Atti di convegno

DOI: 10.2478/cplbu-2020-0040

Titolo convegno: 9th BalkanRegion Conference on Engineering and Business Education and 12th International Conference on Engineering and Business Education, Sibiu, Romania, October, 2019

Anno di Pubblicazione: 2019



This paper isbased on SUSTAIN, an ERASMUS+ project with an innovative perspective on urban transportation, and its target is to promote the importance of sustainability on the everyday problem of urban transportation among the students of higher education (and not only), who are the policy makers of tomorrow. In order to achieve its goals, the research team is currently developing a course that will be based on an interactive serious board game with an analytical style of education. SUSTAIN’spurpose is to create a game that will allows tudents to learn about transportation sustainability and societal metabolism through playing. The project partners develop small and illustrative simulation models, which will make the definitions more concrete and allow students to experiment largelyin a consequence-free environment. The simulation models can be used to identify scenario exemplars on how we can achieve sustainable urban transportation and consequently a balanced societal metabolism, while on the same time taking into account formal decision making processes. In this paper, we are going to explain a Stocks & Flows Diagram for the above mentioned model, with a system dynamics approach.

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