Autori: Stefano Armenia, Camillo Carlini, Jason Papathanasiou, Alessandro Pompei, Georgios Tsaples

Editore: PuntOorg International Journal

Tipologia Prodotto: Articolo in rivista


Titolo della Rivista: PuntOorg International Journal

Numero; Volume: 4(2)

Numero prima e ultima pagina: 56 – 70

Anno di Pubblicazione: 2020



The objective of this paper is to present the process for the development of a causal loop diagram that captures the relevant aspects of racism in football, through a holistic, top-down approach. To do so, a series of workshops/sessions has been organised with experts in the field and with the purpose of designing a tool that could be used to get better insights into how racism in football emerges and where are the potential areas where policy makers could use as leverage for effective counter-measures. The diagram demonstrated the multi-faceted nature of racism, the phenomena that might give rise to it and the elements that could serve as leverage in potential counter-measures. Some of the most interesting results include the following: the power structures of society and football should adapt to represent the actual demographic make-up of each country. Furthermore, policy makers should involve media more directly in every attempt to fight racism. Finally, racism in football is a mirror of racism in society. Hence, any attempt to combat racism in football should be interlinked with corresponding efforts to fight discrimination in society.

Keywords: Systems Thinking, Racism, Football, Group Model Building, Causal Loop Diagrams, Complex Systems, Social Dynamics, E Sport

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