La traduzione

Stefano Arduini, Elisa Medici - In questi anni si è molto allargato il novero delle scienze che studiano i fenomeni legati alle lingue e al linguaggio, e in parallelo si è arricchita notevolmente la riflessione sull’insegnamento delle lingue.

Wellbeing Technology: Beyond Chatbots

Sciarretta Eliseo, Alimenti Lia - Digitalization has revolutionized almost every sector of our life, including both the private and the professional one, just as the relationship between man and machine/computer is radically changing our lives.

Spin-off and market reaction: what is The Wall Street Journal role?

Elvira Anna Graziano - Building on the pioneering study by Covey (1999), this paper addresses a central question: according to the iceberg model of system thinking, can media play a relevant role in the financial market structure and hence influence the behaviour of investors?

Look who’s talking: Banking crisis, Bail-in and Mass-media

Elvira Anna Graziano, Francesca Vicentini, Stefano Fontana, Maria Rosaria Della Peruta - This paper intends to verify two aspects of the movement of news related to the introduction of bail-in and the story of Banca Etruria. First through the methodology of text analysis we were analyzed quantitatively the significance of the news published between November 2015 - March 2016 extracted through the Factiva database, and the qualitative related to their semantic analysis.

Football cultural events and stock market returns: the case of FIFA World Cup

Elvira Anna Graziano, Francesca Vicentini - Over the past two decades, cultural sporting mega-events such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup have captured a leading position in the consumption-based economic development policies of many late-capitalist societies (Fehle et al., 2005; Chang et al., 2012).